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Janeth & Peter Flowers

Stud Owner's & Breeder

GrandView Sport Horses is a family run enterprise of the husband and wife team of Janeth and Peter Flowers.


A Bit About Janeth and Peter


Janeth’s involvement with horses began from childhood where horses were ever present. Both her parents were riders, with her father being a very successful A Grade Polocrosse player for many years. Janeth also played Polocrosse for several years and her horses doubled up as showjumpers, eventers and pony club mounts, so the horses were nothing, if not versatile. Janeth went through the ranks of Pony Club, competing at state level show jumping and eventing on several occasions, before completely leaving the horse world in the late 1980’s.  

In 2006, a very slow off the track thoroughbred giveaway bought Janeth back to horses. She hunted this horse for one season and although had a lot of fun, realised that she still had that competitive need for eventing so sold that horse and bought another thoroughbred named Smart Money.

This horse was a cross country gun and gave Janeth the confidence to go competitive eventing again. Sadly Smart Money now events in horse heaven, however this horse gave Janeth the drive and desire to get back into competing and follow that dream of owning the beautiful acreage property so aptly named GrandView.












The purchase of this property also allowed another dream to prosper – to  breed an outstanding and unique performance horse that would be noticed –  the coloured warmblood sport horse!

Janeth is a Certified Practicing Accountant by trade and currently works from home as a bookkeeper for small businesses, but has the vision that the coloured warmbloods will become her fulltime role one day.

Peter also had a childhood involvement with horses through his parents owning  a number  of very successful trotters and pacers.

Although not a rider, Peter was thrown into horses again as the ever important groom for Janeth with her return to competitive eventing. Peter is a qualified Boilermaker and Non Destructive Testing Inspector by trade and with these skills has had a significant impact on the design development of the infrastructure at GrandView.

Peter has a natural affinity and confidence with the horses, and although not a rider, he has a well developed understanding for the well being of the horses.

Together Janeth and Peter are “living the dream” on the beautiful property, GrandView at Wistow in the Adelaide Hills, with the vision of producing and turning out some well handled and well adjusted amazing coloured and dilute warmblood performance horses that have the temperament, conformation, movement and lineage to be successful performance horses of the very near future.

Colour, performance, movement and temperament…..a winning combination!


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