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Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn
25th November 2021

It is with a certain amount of sadness that we announce that Alf is going to retire and head back to sunny Queensland to live the high life, a life that he very much deserves.

Ive been privileged to have owned Alf for the past 12 months and what a journey it has been. Alf is one of the nicest and easiest horses to have around...and hes a stallion..!

The amount of times Ive been standing around waiting at an event on the buckle and people have ridden right up to Alf and not seeing the green discs (guess they must just look like another spot!) and he has just taken it in his stride. Cannot say enough about the temperament of this horse.

He is a super fun little horse to ride and just takes absolutely everything in his stride.

Those who know me, know that I have on my bucket list that I want to do a 3DE before I give eventing huge plans to try and do AIHT....would just be happy to do a 105 at Wallaby Hill.

Alf was telling me along the way that he wasnt coping with the XC old injury was aggravating....not making him unsound....but aggravating enough that it was the sign for me to stop and listen.

I have always admired this horse from the time I saw him at Equitana in Sydney many years ago when Samantha Mcauliffe had him there in the stallion pavilion. Never dreamed that one day he would be in my paddock.

I cannot thank Natalia Hartmann enough for her absolute generosity and support over the past 12 months of having Alf here with me. You have been amazing Nat and I very much treasure our friendship that has developed over this journey.

Alf is going back to Nat to live out his days with the sun on his back. Will very much miss the little spotty bott.


16th June 2021

Well this is exciting news.  An Emerald baby sold for 140,000 euro in Europe...that is equivalent to AUD 220,000..!


We have an Emerald baby due this year.  Have a look on the 2021 Progeny Page at GrandView Ever So Clever.

Emerald progeny.jpg

Heytesbury Horse Trials

17th April 2021

The long trek again across the border to Heytesbury.  

Alf did his best dressage test to date to put us in 4th place in a very big and competitive field.  Super proud of the Spotty Bott.

Jumped a super, super XC round that was just over time adding .8 penalties to our score.

SJing was not our day....rails came down galore for the whole class....we pulled 2 rails which put us down to 10th placing.  

A beautiful event with awesome facilities.


Kirkcaldy Horse Trials

20th March 2021

We decided to stay local and compete this weekend rather than do the long journey over to a favourite Victorian Event at Wandin.

Alf was a superstar in the dressage which placed him 4th.  A clear XC round placed him in first place with only 2 penalties to spare.  I rode way too carefully in the SJing and touched one rail for a 4th placing. Very pleased with the horse.!


Bootcamp with Jamie Coman

4th March 2021

Covid has been hard on training and competing throughout 2021 so it was an awesome break to spend the week at Jamie Coman's with some much needed training.

Jamie 2.JPG

Lindsay Young Vet

22nd February 2021

Absolutely thrilled to announce the sponsorship and support from Lindsay Young Veterinary Services.

lyoung 2.jpg

First dressage outting for French Connection

14th February 2021

Super young mare GrandView French Connection (IFS) has her first dressage outting.

fidget 1.jpg

Evolution Animal Care Ambassador

20th November 2020

I am very excited to announce that GrandView Sport Horses is now an Ambassador for Evolution Animal Care.


GrandView Quest For Fame
23rd November 2021

My beautiful mare GrandView Quest For Fame (IFS) (Quasi Gold/Bellissimo M) paid the ultimate sacrifice tonight…

She was in foal to the Olympic champion Destano and had an absolutely stunning buckskin filly but the birth was so difficult that vets had to cut up the foal to get it out (it’s back legs were forward in a position known to vets as a dog sitter).

Because of the difficulties with the foal the poor mare was down for too long and had nerve damage. She tried her heart out to stand up but we simply had to make that devastating call in the end.

Fly high beautiful girls. I cannot believe I have lost my most beautiful mare and her champion little filly..!

Quizz 1.JPG

Saddle Fitting

30th May 2021

Some exciting things happening at GrandView.

We have had Gary Johnson from Saddles Plus in Perth here for the weekend teaching myself and Amie Power to become saddle fitters, and specialising in the fitting and sales of Prestige, Tekna and LeTek saddles.

Lots to learn for both of us but we are very excited to be part of the Saddles Plus team and look forward to offering a full saddle fitting service for these awesome saddles.

Ivy 2.jpg

Reynella Horse Trials

10th April 2021

Another favourite local event being Reynella.

Again Alf was a superstar in the dressage which placed him 7th.  A clear XC round and SJ round saw him finish again in 4th place.   A real improvement this weekend.  Alf is starting to feel really confident XC and hes telling me the SJs are just too small.

40VK22XQ FAV.jpeg

Tonimbuk Horse Trials

7th March 2021

Lori's Flashpoint Af Lyn's only second eventing start and the improvement from the prior week at Geelong was sensational.

Alf 1.jpg

Alexander BP13

5th March 2021

First pregnancy in Australia for the beautiful barock pinto Alexander BP13

Alex 3.jpg

Geelong Horse Trials

21st February 2021

Wrap up from the Marcus Oldham Geelong Horse Trials. It was absolutely awesome to cross the border and actually compete this weekend...!

Alf GHT 1.jpg

Bit Bank Australia

4th February 2021

So very thrilled to be a Bit Bank Australia sponsored Ambassador. 

Bit bank 1.jpg

Evolution Animal Care Ambassador

20th November 2020

I am very excited to announce that GrandView Sport Horses is now an Ambassador for Evolution Animal Care.

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