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2022 Progeny

Please register your interest in upcoming foals and you will be contacted as a priority when foal is born, before foal is advertised on the open market.  We have had quite a bit of interest in this seasons foals so please do register your interest.  We are able to arrange shipment internationally for our horses through IRT.

GrandView Be My Star
Sire:  GrandView Gold Star (IFS)
Dam:  DVZ Arizona



GrandView Be My Star

To say we are excited by this foal is the absolute understatement.  It is the first foal by our homebred GrandView Gold Star (IFS) who is by the two times Olympic champion Big Star. 

This foal is exceptional and should be able to jump the moon as it has a double cross of the legendary Nimmerdor in its pedigree....together some other jumping greats such as Highrail Roll the Dice, Clinton and Heartbreaker.  This foal will also have the paces that will make it an exceptional eventer if that is the discipline you choose as it will have very good paces.

Sold to an incredible local home to a junior rider.  One to watch for the future that is for certain.

Benson Pedigree.JPG

GrandView Kingfisher Bay (IFS)
Sire:  Karajan (IFS)
Dam:  Bandarrah Pixie



GrandView Kingfisher Bay (IFS)


This foal has blue blooded pedigree with a double cross of Voltaire through Copabella Visage on the Dam side and through Kannan on the sire side.  There is also a double cross of Landgraf in both dam and sire's pedigree as well as a couple of other jumping greats such as Quidam de Revel and Cornet Oblensky.

It will have a touch of thoroughbred in it so would make an excellent eventing prospect or will have that touch of agility for the jump off rounds as a pure show jumper.

This colt has the looks, temperament and pedigree to see him excel in whatever discipline you choose for him.  He is weaned and ready to find his new human.  He is well handled....catch, trim, rug, lead.

Foal 3.JPG

GrandView Strike a Pose (IFS)
Sire:  Sezuan's Donnerhall (IFS)
Dam:  Cayuse Coconut Cream



GrandView Strike A Pose (IFS)

Fancy is as fancy does....and this foal is fancy in spades..!  With 100% guarantee of spots we can barely containing our excitement about this beautiful colt.

With a Double cross of Sir Donnerhall in both Dam and Sire line and other dressage maestro's such as Blue Hors Zack (through Sezuan) Sully is sure to storm the dressage with style that will stand out in any crowd for more than just his coat colour.

It looks like he will be a glorious liver chestnut when his foal coat sheds.  Hes going to be very tall....and his temperament is beyond exceptional.

Sully peidgree.JPG

GrandView Time After Time (IFS)
Sire:  Total Hope (IFS)
Dam:  GrandView Spellbound (IFS)



GrandView Time After Time (IFS)

Well what can you say about this match up other than WOW.  Double cross of both Sandro Hit and Donnerhall in this foal from both Dam and Sire lineage. 

Black,  beautiful and graceful and we think she will live up to her grand sire, Totilas fame.  An exceptional pedigree on what we are hoping will be a truly exceptional filly.

This filly is for sale.

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