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2024 Progeny

Please register your interest in upcoming foals and you will be contacted as a priority when foal is born, before foal is advertised on the open market.  We have had quite a bit of interest in this seasons foals so please do register your interest.  We are able to arrange shipment internationally for our horses through IRT.  A payment plan maybe negotiated on these foals and an agistment arrangement may also be made as part of the purchase discussion.

GrandView Voodoo Doll (IFS)
Sire:  Va Bene (IFS)
Dam:  GrandView Bling It On (IFS)


Va Bene.png

Fancy is as fancy does...!

This foal is going to be very exciting and has 50% chance of being it will have a blue blooded pedigree no matter what colour it is, with a double cross of Belissimo M on both sides of pedigree through a son and daughter....cant help but be something special.

This foal will be available and is able to be reserved in-utero.  The mare is also available as a 2 in 1 package deal.  Mare is broken in and is lovely under saddle.  Could easily be brought back into work and have a saddle career after the foal is weaned.

This foal will be able to move the house down and if it has its mothers temperament it will be something exceptional.

Barbies foal.JPG

GrandView Fan-Diddly Tastic (IFS)
Sire:  Franklin (IFS)
Dam:  Byalee Bride



Another exciting foal in the making...! 

Bailey's foal from last year is a cracking colt and is definitely stallion prospect material so we are excited for this pregnancy as well....and hopefully we land a buckskin this time...but again, this foal will be something very exciting no matter what colour it is.

Available to secure in-utero, or the mare is also available to purchase an a 2 in 1 package.

bailey foal.JPG

GrandView Dancing In The Dark (IFS)
Sire:  Don Malagueno (IFS)
Dam:  Sea Mist Nagara


Charlie 2.JPG

Now for something a bit different..!

To say Im excited about this foal is the will be 100% black grulla and 50% Lusitano...which is something way different to what I usually breed BUT I just love this colour and envisage that maybe this could be my dressage horse in my retirement from eventing..!

Foal maybe available to the right home.

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