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GrandView Fox in Sox

Shooter is my number one horse that is one of those once in a life time horse's...he simply makes me look good.

Very much enjoying eventing Shooter again.


Am so pleased to be on the SA Eventing squad to have access to the Sydney Olympian Jamie Coman, along locally with Anthony Thomas.  Also have valuable coaching from Olympian Megan Jones and English coach Lucy Williams.

Shooter has gone ahead in leaps and bounds with his eventing this last season and we have progressed through the grades in both South Australia and Victoria (even winning the dressage at one Victorian event) at 1* level. 

Shooter’s Sire SOS is a stunning black and white pinto warmblood imported from Germany. Shooter’s grandsire Semper (Samber & Sandro bloodlines) is the sire of the USA’s very successful dressage sire Sempatico M. Samber needs no introduction and is said to be arguably the most influential and far reaching of all pinto warmblood sires. In sport Samber was successful in both disciplines; he showjumped up to 1.30m and competed successfully at Advanced dressage. Sandro, is also the grandsire of Sandro Hit. Sandro’s son – Sandro Song and has a total of 36 approved sons, 308 approved mares, 27 states premium mares. It is through Sandro that the blood of Sacramento Song xx lives on and daily grows more influential in both dressage and jumping breeding. Sacramento Song was a classically bred English Thoroughbred who stood in Holstein from 1973 to his early death in 1979. He is described in Dr Dietrich Rossow’s Stallion Book of the Holsteiner Warmblood Breed as: “A classically bred English Thoroughbred with beautiful, smoothly harmonious topline. Beautiful head, rather low set on neck, impressive shoulder with good coupling to the croup. Well muscled, strong legs and feet, sufficient gaits. Tremendous jumping ability, very tight with front end and good with knees.”

SOS’s dam, Pandorra is by Prinz Oldenburg was the most famous son of Picasso and is arguably one of Europe’s finest showjumping sires. Pandorra also carries the strong eventing talents of Ramiro Z and the remarkable dressage sire Pik Bube I.

Shooter’s dam’s sire is the beautiful black stallion Carbine (Imp) who was the highest scoring colt at the AWHA Licensing ever! Carbine has produced some very beautiful show horses and dressage horses but is also making his mark as the sire of eventers. It has been commented that they are really bold and fast cross country and catch the eye of the judge in the dressage phase. Carbines bloodlines go back to the great Cor de la Bryere who was described by breeders as a ‘gift from heaven,’ Cor de la Bryere has been especially successful producing jumping horses, as he passes on his incredible bascule, scope, and jumping technique. Cor de la Bryere also passed on his willingness and trainability. Romedio Graf von Thun-Hohenstein described the stallion: ‘The arching back, like a taut band of steel combined with the super elastic end gives limitless, but always expedient, springing capability to the natural dynamics of each effort. Add to that ease of riding, marvelous disposition, and a floating, highly balanced canter. These qualities are absolutely to the benefit of young horses, who will no longer have to pay with premature breakdowns caused by jumping and showing solely with a raw, crude jumping talent.’ Cor de la Bryere has had an incredible impact on the Holsteiner breed, occurring in more than 70% of Holsteiner pedigrees, and is credited for improving the breed’s jumping technique.

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