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Geelong Horse Trials


Wrap up from the Marcus Oldham Geelong Horse Trials. It was absolutely awesome to cross the border and actually compete this weekend...!

Alf GHT 2.jpg
Alf GHT 3.jpg

Super, super pleased with this horse, Loris Flashpoint Af Lyn (Alf) for our first event. He has done plenty of show jumping in a past life but the eventing gig is all new to him and although we have had a few discussions he has very much taken to it very well.

Dressage put us in a competitive position in 14th place. Little tense, mainly rider was tense, but he did a very nice and correct test.

We had one unlucky rail in the show jumping but a very nice round.













Cross country....those who know me well know that Im always a nervous wreck for the dressage and fearless for the cross country...but I was a little nervous for this course as we have had a few little challenges and this course was very challenging for every fence. Id been given a pepp talk by a couple of people to ride it like I stole it and that I did right from the start much so that I forgot to press go on my stop watch....we were a bit wobbly for the first couple of fences and then Alf said....I got this...and away we went....did not put a hoof wrong...until we got to the third last fence...the second water complex....I was still in 2 point and he put in a massive prop...and I was propelled out of the saddle over his shoulder like I had been shot from a Shang-i....very disappointing but also very pleasing that he jumped so well at the same time.

So that was Geelong for us. Very pleased with the Alf, showing me that he is very capable of doing this and its onwards and upwards from here.

A massive thankyou to all of my sponsors who have come on board this year to support the spotty bott and our eventing journey.

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