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Do you want the unusual? Khalvados GF is an outstanding example of a quality Riding Pony stallion in the rare and unusual Amber Champagne coat.

Khalvados GF is a wonderful Partbred Arab stallion (87.5% of Arab blood) with a rosewood colour of Amber Champagne. Ideal for breeding Riding Ponies, part Arabs or that smaller warmblood. He stands at 151cm tall.

Khalvados GF has very good basic paces with a loose trot and a very good canter. In his Pedigree there full blood Arab of the highest class.

His grandsire, Khornerstone KpM is a son of Khemosabi from Shantu. Khemosabi was a national champion of the USA in the hand as well as under the saddle. Khemosabi descendants are successful in the USA also in numerous sports disciplines, particularly in western horse riding and cattle work.

Shantu, the dam of Khornerstone KpM, comes from Ansata Shah Zaman, an Egyptian bred by the well known stud Ansata-Gestüt which has influenced the breeding of Egyptian full blood Arab worldwide. On the dam side, Shantu goes back to the old founder’s lines of the US breeding which came from Poland, from the world-renowned English Gestüt Crabbet park, as well as directly from the Arabian Desert.

The unusual colour with the special clarification gene of champagne comes from the mother’s line of Khalvin Khlein KpM. Khalvados grandmother, Miss Sundance, was an Amber Champagne half Arab mare, measuring 160 cms. Miss Sundance is by the full blood Arab Comar Bay Brummell , a full brother of the even more high-powered Comar Bay beau. His sire, Azraff was a significant sire during the 50’s and 60’s, and a son of the stamp stallion Raffles from a rare mother’s line from Yugoslavia.

Khalvados sire, Khalvin Khlein KpM was imported into Germany in 2000 from California (USA) and was approved in 2001 with the ZSAA.

Khalvados Progeny

Khalvados pedigre.JPG
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