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Ambassador for Bit Bank Australia


Absolutely thrilled to be a sponsored ambassador for Bit Bank Australia

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Alf dressage 1.jpg
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                                                                             To say I am excited is the understatement of the century...!

Bit Bank Australia, owned by the incredible Charmae Bell have taken Alf and me on as ambassadors for this coming eventing season.

If you are having any bitting difficulties at all...or need a new bridle, air vest or helmet then dont hesitate to give Charmae a call as she is

 an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to fitting your horse with the correct bit.

And Bit Bank Australia doesn't only have bits. If you are looking for a new bridle, helmet, safety vest....then either get on line or give Charmae a call.

To help you out with your purchase and get 10% discount mention JANETH10 and the referral link of: to secure a discount on your next purchase.


The service is absolutely above and beyond and if an odd or unusual bit cant be assured Charmae will track it down..!





Cannot recommend this local business highly enough and we are super, super excited to be a part of the Bit Bank team.   

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