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Ambassador for Evolution Animal Care


I am very excited to announce that GrandView Sport Horses is now an Ambassador for Evolution Animal Care.


Evolution Animal care offer a range of products for both your horses and your dogs. Their most popular product “Inside Out” is a Probiotic, Nutraceutical and Gut Health supplement which is available for both horses and dogs.

How can a Probiotic help horses and equine athletes?













There are many probiotic supplement products on the market in Australia. There has been some discrepancies in the efficacy of feeding a probiotic supplement to horses for many years, and if it actually will help the equine athlete? There has been quite a bit of research to answer this question. One most well known studies was conducted by Kentucky Equine Research.

Kathleen Crandell, Ph.D is a nutritionist for KER and suggests that:

“The intestinal microbiome serves several important functions in horses,

including producing short-chain fatty acids that serve as a horse’s primary

energy source,”

This suggests that probiotics benefit horses and equine athletes by

improving the health of fungi, bacteria and parasites and yeast the

comprise the equine intestinal microbiome.

There are a large number of stockists of the Evolution Animal Care

products. Just visit their website at: for

a stockist nearest to you.

Very much looking forward to using these products to help keep our horses looking and performing at their best.






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