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Ambassador for Lindsay Young Vet


Absolutely thrilled to announce the sponsorship and support from Lindsay Young Veterinary Services.

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Lindsay has many years of experience with all creatures great and small. He is a practical vet, who has incredible knowledge and the best interest of the animals at heart.



For us, he has been an absolutely amazing reproduction vet who has achieved some pretty impressive pregnancies with some pretty average semen and also at times, some very tricky mares.

His knowledge with lameness is quite beyond reproach and his insight and solutions are outstanding.

Small animals and surgery too must not be forgotten. Again, he is a very practical vet who gives good sound and practical advice without giving false hope to a lost cause, but also will give it a good shot to save an animal's life.

Cannot recommend Lindsay enough as a vet and I am very excited to have the support of the practice together with 4Cyte for the journey this year with Alf.




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